URS Rule Goes to OMB

FMCSA is nearing completion of a final rule that would combine the agency’s various registration systems into a single Unified Registration System (URS). FMCSA has sent its final rule draft to the White House Office of Management and Budget; usually the final step before a rule is published.

The rule would combine FMCSA’s four “legacy” registration systems into the new URS. It would require all entities subject to FMCSA jurisdiction to comply with a new registration and biennial update requirement, disclose the cumulative registration information collected by URS, and provide a cross-reference to all regulatory requirements necessary to obtain permanent registration. URS would also serve as a clearinghouse and depository of information on motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and others required to register.

OMB reviews agency rules for consistency with Administration budget and policy. It generally takes about 90 days for it to clear rules for publication, unless it uncovers problems. In that case, the rule is sent back to the agency for refinement.  In its recent update of its rulemaking schedule, FMCSA estimates a final URS rule will be published May 30.